United States Census 2010 – Interactive

United States Census have put together this cool interactive infographic to show the population growth of the country.

The Census counts residents in America every 10 years…. this chart shows us the population growth for the past century – you can see the population change of the entire country or you can see each individual place by rolling over them, you can change the duration of time you wish to view (ie. 1900-1910 or 1990-2000) You can also view the density and apportionment by selecting the relevant tabs… once you are in each of these charts, there is even more data!

I like this infographic – it really is amazing to see the change over the years and to see them in this light instead of boring old data. With the amount of information they would have collected during the Census, this would have been the most effective and smartest way to distribute the information…

We can even embed it in this post!

Source: 2010 Census Data

By , on 5 January, 4:50PM

  • FOS Smallwood

    As related to population density, the statistics include Washington DC (#1) and Puerto Rico (# 3), which are not States. By State the ranking is NJ (#1), RI (#2), MA(#3) and CT (#4). If density is a reliable indicator(and I think that it is)(, these four States appear to be the most desirable States to live in. Things like traffic, crowded housing conditions, limited outdoor space, crowded mass transit become issues in high density areas. My rational here is that if they had more space, more people would want to live there.

  • http://d-haps.blogspot.com/ Muppscott

    Where are all these people coming from? There was a population increase in every state? muppscott@yahoo.com or twitter muppscott with the answer. My guess is immigration. If I am right, what does this mean politically, socially and economically?