The 21st Century Organization from Group Partners

I have just come accross John Caswell and the team over at Group Partners… and WOW! Their Infographics are absolutly stunning.

Here is one titled “21st Century Organization

This is an exceprt from John Caswell’s Profile on Behance Network

“A 21st Century Organization is something any leader, any business – any competitive brand must be. It suggests that to survive in the complex global markets (now fiercely competitive and commoditized) the enterprise has to redesign the organizational model, streamline its systems and understand human behavior.”

On their website they explain their Philosophy (STRUCTURED VISUAL THINKING) and their Approach (4D). Group Partners also create “Excellence Frameworks” which are massive wall hanging images (approx 8ft high) that are “a way to drive excellence into the given area”.

Is your company a 21st Century Organization that uses the tools outlined in the framework?

By , on 20 June, 11:01PM