Online Vs In Store – The Future of Shopping

We all purchase things online – well most of us. This infographic has taken data from the US Census bureau and displayed it in this easy to read format. As you can see from the infographic we still prefer to go in store to purchase our products. The e-commerce sales data was pulled from catalogue, telephone and online sales.

Excerpt from Buysight

What people buy online differs substantially from what they buy in-store. According to a study by the US Census Bureau, the bulk of sales are still in-store. There are, however, several categories in which online sales dominate each product marketplace. These include: books and magazines, clothing, and electronics. Below, we have broken down the sales for each category, to show the percentages of both online and in-store sales as a part of the total marketplace, as well as a comparison of the two in absolute terms.

Online Vs In store

Where do you prefer to shop? Do you like to go in store see, touch and feel the product you are purchasing? Or do you know what you want, get online and purchase it along with delivery? Or you could be a bit of both… You like to go in store, see your product and then come home and search for your best possible price? Let us know how you shop.

Image Source: Permuto

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