Desire to be touched – A collective Portrait

Fleshmap together with Dolores Labs conducted a study to see which parts of the body the Female & Male find most exciting. The way they retrieved the results is quite interesting, using Amazons Mechanical Turk, they crowdsourced two questions:

1. How good would it feel to touch this area?
2. How good would it feel to be touched in this area?

The results are visually pleasing… to say the least…

Heat Map Woman
Heat Map Man

After a few days, a total of 281 people entered 33,871 ratings of different points of the body. The silhouette visualizations you see on Skin to Skin represent these results in aggregate, using a smoothing technique that filters out noise. The images in Sorting out Desire show the values received for each point in two ways. In one view, a version of the original photographs is shown, where each probe area is enlarged or shrunk according to the rating it received. A second view sorts the various probe regions in order of excitement.”

Source: FleshMap

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