Crayola Color Chart: 1903-2010

Stephen Von Worley of Data Poionted brings us “Velo’s Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010” an interesting look at the vast array of colors that crayola crayons has come to supply since the early 1900’s.

Velo's Crayons

Ever industrious, Velo also calculated the average growth rate: 2.56% annually. For maximum understandability, he reformulated it as “Crayola’s Law,” which states:

The number of colors doubles every 28 years!

If the Law holds true, Crayola’s gonna need a bigger box, because by the year 2050, there’ll be 330 different crayons! Shortly thereafter, frazzled packaging designers rejoice, for to the rescue comes a revolution in household appliances: the new-fangled Replicator-Dissociator! Load it with the Crayola plugin, and you’re seconds away from every shade in the rainbow – no boxes required!

Source: Data Pointed

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