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Moritz Stefaner is a freelance information visualizer who owns the visual blog “Well Formed Data“.

He created the below visualization the “VIZoSPHERE” on Gephi.

He pulled data from 1645 twitter accounts that are “related to the topic

Mashable | Postling | SMB-Social Media Use

How Small Businesses are Using Social Media

I found this infographic on Mashable it has been created by Alexis Lamster of Social Media Managment company It shows us how Small Businesses are using Social Media within their organization and which platform they are using to connect with their

Online Vs In store

Online Vs In Store – The Future of Shopping

We all purchase things online – well most of us. This infographic has taken data from the US Census bureau and displayed it in this easy to read format. As you can see from the infographic we still prefer to go in store to purchase our products. The e-commerce sales data was pulled from


AdBlood – The Ad Agency Bloodline

Creative talent agency “Vitamin T” have put together this detailed, informative and visually pleasing infographic to show us some of the largest ad agencies in the world dating all the way back to the early 1800s.