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Heat Map Men

Desire to be touched – A collective Portrait

Fleshmap together with Dolores Labs conducted a study to see which parts of the body the Female & Male find most exciting. The way they retrieved the results is quite interesting, using Amazons Mechanical Turk, they crowdsourced two questions:

Crochet infographic

Uloni’s crochet work – shared in an inspring way

Any data can be placed into an infographic – for example – take this brilliant representation of the crochet work of Madame Ulani (Aka uloni) over a 3 month period. Uloni joined a community group Etsy “who make a living making things, and

Sampras Federer

Federer & Sampras

This interesting visualization created by Dave Potsiadlo of intridea shows how Roger Federer and Pete Sampras came to tie at Fourteen Grand slam wins.

Dave goes on to share how he came to this conclusion in explaining his techniques