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Blueprint to Success

The Blueprint to Success

The “Blueprint to success” created by IQ Matrix, shows you how to succeed by always trying your best. These very informative Mind maps from IQ matrix aim to help you improve and accelerate your human potential.

Influences Map

Influence Map: Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes is a teacher/designer from Vancouver who created an “Influence Map” demonstrating her style of design, way of working and all subjects that influence the way she produces her art. You can see a more detailed version of this inspirational

Art & Design - Ian Gowdie

An inspirational view of Art & Design

This amazing and inspirational mind map was created by Ian Gowdie. The“Art and Design Mind Map” explores the creative and imaginative asset to artistic design. It educates you to use everything around you and recreate it artistically.

Geological time spiral

A Path to the Past

This absolutely fantastic visualization of The Geologic Time Spiral was created by Joseph Graham, William Newman, and John Stacy of USGS. The visualization shows us the progression the earth has taken, covering thousands of years – “A Path to the Past”

Who is coming to America

A visual look at immigrants entering America

Integrated media platform “GOOD” together with Timko & Klick have come up with this very interesting visualization: “Who is coming to America” . This represents the amount of immigrants America are facing

Velo's Crayons

Crayola Color Chart: 1903-2010

Stephen Von Worley of Data Poionted brings us “Velo’s Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010” an interesting look at the vast array of colors that crayola crayons has come to supply since the early 1900’s.